The HF Agro applicator-plant feeder - fertilizer

The HF Agro applicator-plant feeder (fertilizer) is intended for introducing liquid mineral fertilizers in the aisle when feeding crops during tillering period.

Intrasoil introduction of liquid mineral fertilizers using a plant feeder applicator significantly increases their efficiency, especially in drought conditions.


  • Liquid mineral fertilizers easily reach the roots, enhancing the growth of the root system, which improves the absorption of other nutrients and trace elements.
  • The ability to use a variety of nutrients such as sulphur.
  • Longer period for fertilization, better fertilizer assimilation result during drought period.
  • Exclusion of the likelihood of chemical burns, even at high doses (compared to foliar feeding), no excess of nutrients.
  • The ability to apply the exact amount of fertilizer at both low and high doses.
  • Reduced production costs for storage, delivery to the field, refuelling.
  • The volume of the container is 5000 L.
  • High ground clearance of the unit, which allows you to work even with high seedlings


  HF-53213/9 HF-53219/9
Operating width, m 9,1
Number of cultivated rows, pcs 13 19
Row spacing, cm 70 45
Required tractor power, HP 120 180
Volume of the container for applying liquid fertilizers, L 5000
Cultivation depth, cm 8-10 8-12
Track, no more, m 2,8
Working speed, km/h  9-12
Application rate of liquid fertilizers, L/ha  от 50 до 250 / от 100 до 300
Slotted disk diameter, mm 510
Weight, not less, kg 4490 4880
Overall dimensions, L * W * H, in transport position, mm 6010х4700х4000 6010х4700х4000

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