HF Argo Cultivators - versatile machinery for seedbed preparation.

With a robust and high frame construction (60 cm passage height), they are excellent for tilling between rows, cereals and sugar beets.

The HF Agro cultivators are used most effectively to prepare the seedbed, embedding fertilizers and green manures, aerate the soil before sowing, and cultivate stubble.

Also, after embedding crop residues using heavy machinery, the HF Agro cultivators are used to work on the second track, for even distribution of crop residues with simultaneous mechanical removal of emerging weeds

Coverage up to 12 m

Fuel consumption 4.5 L/ha

Frame height 600 mm



S-shaped tines 70x12 perform their task flawlessly during all stages of cultivation


Tires 500/55-20 provide maximum bearing capacity on light and sandy soils, as well as reliable transportation when driving on the road.

  • GREAT PERFORMANCE: When driving at a speed of 15 km/h, it is possible to process an area of 15 hectares per hour. The required pulling force is 250-300 HP, depending on soil conditions and working depth.

  • ROBUST UNIT DESIGN: The frame structure of the HF Agro cultivator is capable of withstanding heavy loads. High-strength steel used in the manufacture of the unit and tools stably withstands difficult operating conditions.

  • NARROW TURN RADIUS: Since the pivot point of the lower link hitch is behind the tractor, the HF Agro cultivator can be turned around virtually on the spot.




For surface tillage, duckfoot tines with a width of 180 to 200 mm are used. During the operation of the unit, a complete cut of the formation occurs along its entire width.


For subsurface cultivation, a swing chisel with a width of 60 mm is used.



  HF-2129 HF-21212
Working width, m 9 12
Transport width, m 3 3
Coupling, mm CAT III Lower link hitch or pendulum hitch head with Ø40mm or Ø50mm hole
Frame     4-row arrangement of tines
Frame height, mm 600
Tines     54 72
Tine footprint, mm 150
Compacting roller, mm 2nd roller with a diameter of 530 mm
Striegel harrow, mm Ø15 mm, adjustable pressure in suspension mode
Lighting     Serial version
Tires     Transport axle 500/55-20, Front support wheels 380/55-17
Weight, kg 7500 8660

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