APPLICATORS for liquid fertilizers

The HFagro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is an innovative product that precisely applies fertilizer directly to the seedbed or other area of ​​your choice according to your technology.

The HFagro applicator can be easily mounted on both cultivators and seeders, regardless of the implement manufacturer. And the installation of the fertilizer tank is carried out on the frame of the implement without welding.

The HFagro APPLICATOR can be installed both on seeders (for applying liquid fertilizers or bacterial preparations at the same time as sowing) and on inter-row cultivators (for feeding plants simultaneously with mechanical weed control).

Fertilizer tank volume from 500 liters

Fertilization rate from 5 to 300 l / ha

Electric pump drive, 12V from the tractor battery

The spread rate can be controlled either manually from the tractor cab or via a tablet or smartphone.