HFagro fertilizer applicators perform a variety of functions for the application of liquid and solid mineral and organic fertilizers.

The advantages of HFagro implements is the efficiency of fertilizer use, an accurate application rate, an accurate application zone and, of course, the ease of use.

APPLICATORS for liquid fertilizers

The HFagro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is an innovative product that precisely applies fertilizer directly to the seedbed or other area of ​​your choice according to your need. The applicator can be easily mounted on both cultivators and seeders, regardless of the manufacturer of the units. And the installation of the fertilizer tank is carried out on the frame of the implement without welding.

Cultivator-fertilizer for the introduction of anhydrous ammonia

The unit is designed for the effective introduction of anhydrous ammonia for various types of soil cultivation: plowing, disc and minimal tillage, no-till and strip-till.

Applicator-plant feeder (fertilizer)

The HFagro plant feeder applicator (fertilizer) is intended for applying liquid mineral fertilizers in the aisle when feeding crops during tillering.