Preparations for plant nutrition and protection.

One of the most pressing problems of modern agriculture is the problem of a lack of nitrogen in the soil.

Nitrogen reserves in soils directly depend on humus reserves. Since the matrix rocks practically do not contain nitrogen, the enrichment of the soil with this element is closely related to the biological accumulation of free atmospheric nitrogen.

A large amount of molecular nitrogen (78%) is concentrated in the atmosphere. However, it is inaccessible for higher plants since the ability to use atmospheric nitrogen is characteristic only for a small group of soil microorganisms – nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Thanks to microorganisms and higher plants, the molecular nitrogen of the atmosphere is converted into the form of organic compounds (protein nitrogen).

The most agronomically valuable nitrogen-fixing bacteria are bacteria of the Azotobacter species, in particular Azotobacter chroococcum, on the basis of which HF Agro created preparations for plant nutrition and protection.